Trinity Michaels – Submit To Your Mistress

Submit To Your Mistress

Submit To Your Mistress

"I've been a bad girl," Trinity says as her scene opens.

Trinity is wearing one of the sexiest and most-revealing fetish outfits we've ever seen. Even calling it an outfit is a bit much. She's wearing a black cage dress which covers very little of her sexy curves and some red boots. In short, Trinity looks ready for a good fuckin' time. Well, ready for a good fuck. When a DDD-cup XL Girl is dressed like this, there's only one thing you can do: fuck her brains out. It's a shame we aren't there with her, but we don't mind watching. Especially because Trinity is the type of girl who loves exploring fetishes.

"I have a few fetishes," Trinity said. "I like foot play and I like smoking, too. It's sexy. I've dabbled in BDSM a few times with guys and girls, and that's always so much fun. It's so hot. I've never done it with a girl and a guy at the same time, though. That's one I'm going to have to do soon. I'd like to be eaten out by a girl who is being dominated by a guy at the same time. I'd love to cum in her mouth while he rips her booty."

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Kamille Amora – Pickin’ Up Plumpers

Pickin' Up Plumpers

Pickin' Up Plumpers

The three amigos have pulled into a parking lot when Tony Rubino swears to JMac that a girl they just passed on the street has super-huge tits. He makes the driver turn around so they can catch up to her. Wearing a baggy shirt that hides whatever she's allegedly packing in her bra, she comes over to Tony when he calls out to her from the passenger side. She's wearing eyeglasses but of course we know who she is and she's going to prove Tony right.

Tony chats her up and makes his move. He wants to prove to his buddies that she has big tits so our friend Kamille Amora simply lifts up her tent-like tee-shirt and flashes her 36I treasure chest. Kamille, who started at XL Girls in May, 2014, was just out shopping during her combination XL Girls visit and vacation but she's always ready for a challenge, especially when it comes to how big her tits are. Now Tony and JMac are more desperate than before to fuck this juicy bra-buster and slide their cocks between Kamille's deep cleavage and do other horny things to her.

Kamille gets in and sits in the back seat. As they drive off, her tits bounce under her extra-large shirt even though she's wearing a bra. Once again, they beg to see her naked boobs and she's happy to oblige, pulling her bra and shirt up over her hooters. She's used to that request anyway! Everyone wants to see Kamille's knockers and we mean everyone. Rubino climbs into the back seat so he can do some more research on Kamille's tits and she lets him play with them.

JMac and Tony invite Kamille over to a place they use as a fuck-pad. They have plans for their pick-up so they dump their driver-buddy. Miss Amora, a stripper back home in Seattle, is a very obliging girl. Using their time-tested double-play tag-team technique, JMac and Tony each take a side of Kamille on the couch, strip her down naked and fuck her brains out, taking turns on her throat and pussy. After they anoint Kamille's hangers with ball juice, Rubino can't resist taking a photo of her cum-coated boobs. She gives him the finger, a gesture of thanks in Seattle.

Another epic scene by Kamille Amora!

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Jordynn LuXXX – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Our latest discovery has big tits, is a big flirt, and always gets what she wants. If she wants a man, she's going to get him. If she wants his cock, she's going to get it. Heck, she may even want your girl, too, and get her.

"I've dated a lot of girls," Jordynn says. "I'm bi-sexual, so I've had many sexual encounters with girls. For a while, I was only dating girls. And I've had many threesomes and group sex sessions, too. It's all so much fun. I love cock, I love big tits and I love asses. It's great."

Jordynn has plenty of tits and ass herself. Her measurements are 40-38-48, so she has enough curves to make a Coke bottle jealous.

"I've always been the bustiest and the curviest girl around," she said. "Well, almost always. There was a girl who transferred to my school in the 10th grade who had tits as big as mine. That was the only time I was ever around someone as busty as I am."

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Jennica Lynn – Endless Curves

Endless Curves

Endless Curves

When you think of Swedish girls, the mental image of someone blonde with a rack like Puma Swede might come to mind. Not a curvy, voluptuously stacked brunette with extra-big and first-class M-cup boobs. Beautifully shaped tits that drive breast-men insane. There is no one "like" Jennica Lynn. She is one of a kind.

"Blonde hair is a myth. Of course, we do have a lot of blondes in Sweden, but it's not as much as people think. When I first moved to the UK, the guys would tell me how all the girls from Sweden have giant boobs. When I was in Sweden, I couldn't find any bras that were my size. I just had to find what I could and make it work."

We can thank the web for Jennica and other stacked and packed girls showing their goodies. That's how we found her. Without it, the going would be tough. If Jennica was over 18 in the early '90s, she'd have most likely never known about us and gotten interested in hot modeling unless a boyfriend or husband was a fan or she discovered his secret stash like Annie Swanson did.

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Sashaa Juggs – Secretary of Bust

Secretary of Bust

Secretary of Bust

We love a working woman. There's just something really sexy about a woman with a good head on her shoulders and defined career goals. Sashaa Juggs is one of those girls. She's swamped at the office and crunching numbers. She looks a bit frustrated but still manages to look as sexy as ever as she plugs away. Of course, it doesn't hurt that her I-cup naturals are pouring out of her skintight dress. Sashaa is a hottie with a body and would be our Employee of the Month every month. And we know she would be the type of employee who wouldn't mind getting into some naughty activities.

"I've had sex in some wild places," Sashaa said. "Closets, dressing rooms and things like that. I once fucked a boyfriend of mine in his parent's bed. I gave another guy head in a movie theater."

Who doesn't love a movie with a happy ending?

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Dusty Rose – Bikini Busters

Bikini Busters

Bikini Busters

Busty, aggressive and mature Dusty Rose loves to crank up the heat with her dirty mouth. "Have you ever seen such monstrous, big-boy titties?" she brags. "Like those? I know you wanna fuck my hot, juicy tits." Dusty pours suntan oil on her tits after moving her top to the side. Our cameraman swoops in for a close-up of her nipples dripping with oil. Dusty dumps the whole bottle over her chest and ass.

She climbs into the tub and soaks waiting for the arrival of her X-Man. Dusty watches lots of raunchy porn, not chick-light porn or romantic pseudo-erotic bullshit like 50 Shades Of Grey. She likes seeing women suck giant cocks and watching hung studs fuck the shit out of sluts. Dusty said she once worked in a porn store and used to look at dirty videos and magazines all day and get excited.

The tub is too hot and slippery for good fucking and good sex positions so they move to Dusty's hotel room. It's not just the sex that gets Dusty worked up. It's the act of making a porn video that gets her pussy juices flowing.

The experienced porn stud teaches Dusty all the tricks she may not have caught watching all that porn: he tells her to spit on his cock for better tit-fucking, moves a hand that's blocking the view of her sucking and instructs her on how to suck balls with feeling. Dusty repeatedly asks him to fuck her tits and fuck them hard. She doesn't like her tits spanked with his hand but he can club them with his cock.

Dusty's really into tit-fucking and sucking dick as it emerges through her cleavage towards her mouth. You don't often hear women in any XXX video spew such nasty fuck-talk like Dusty does in this scene.

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Porsche Dali – Ridin’ In A Porsche

Ridin' In A Porsche

Ridin' In A Porsche

Everyone feels a bit anxious prior to a first date. Especially if you met online. Porsche Dali and Tony Rubino are meeting for the first time today, and you can see the excitement in his step as he knocks on her door for the first time. Porsche quickly opens the door and greets him with a bright smile. She's excited, too.

"Hi, I'm Tony," he says. "We were talking online. Wow, you are really hot. You look like you gained a little weight since your photos, but it went to all the right places."

"Why, thank you," Porsche responds, blushing.

We think these two are going to hit it off just fine. And we're glad we have front row seats to see how this pans out.

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Channel Sweets – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Our new guest is sweet. And a sexy MILF from the south. Her name is Channel Sweets. Our photographer chats Channel up a bit so we can learn about her first before we see what she's got under her top and skirt. A friend told Channel about XL Girls but she waited for a few months before deciding to contact us. She'd never modeled before. "I just wanted to give it a try," says pretty Channel. We're glad she decided to show her game.

Channel takes her big 34H-cup mommy tits out of her low-cut blouse right away, so we know she's not shy. She doesn't need persuasion just coaxing. We're excited to see the rest of her body as this video moves along. Channel says she likes all kinds of guys: muscular, nerdy, average dicks. She likes fun dates but not to strip clubs. "I can do that for a guy," says Channel. She's happy to strip for a guy in private. Nice. We like this southern gal already. She's single now but had a boyfriend. He wouldn't have wanted her to get naked at XL Girls but now she can do whatever she wants.

Our photographer has Channel play the tits-in-motion game, shaking and bouncing her big boobs standing up and on the bed. Then he has her finger her pussy in different hot positions for the first time on-camera and then taste her wet fingers before she waves goodbye for now. As our cameraman might say, "She has big things ahead of her."

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Kitty McPherson – That Busty Barista

That Busty Barista

That Busty Barista

"Hi, welcome to my cafe," Kitty says as her scene opens. "Can I interest you in my fresh, hot cookies? Or would you like some coffee?"

Kitty is cute and bubbly. She's the perfect girl to hire as your barista. But she's so busty, we're having a hard time listening to what she's saying. As an HH-cupper, we're sure Kitty is accustomed to this, though.

"I'm not sure if I was always the bustiest girl in school," Kitty said. "But I was always one of the top 3. I was always in the big tittie committee."

We would have a hard time deciding on what we want to order with Kitty's naturals bouncing up and down in front of us. Well, to be honest, we do know what we want, but we aren't sure if it's on the menu.

"So what do you want?" Kitty asks. "Me? You want me to take off my apron? Well, only if you promise to give me a nice, big tip."

Ahh, we'll give you more than just the tip, Kitty.

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CJ Woods – Plumper Pool Party

Plumper Pool Party

Plumper Pool Party

CJ Woods is one of those girls who loves tits as much, if not more, than we do. She's tanning poolside and she just can't keep her hands off her DDD-cup naturals. She's rubbing and squeezing the natural treasures packed into her overmatched bikini. CJ lets out the softest of moans as she caresses herself and when she pulls down her bikini top, her nipples are already hard enough to cut butter.

"I get horny pretty easily," CJ told us. "I've had guys joke that a strong gust of wind can get me in the mood. I don't know about that, but I am a very sexual person. I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

Not at all. CJ continues playing with her breasts and plants a few soft kisses on them before pulling out some baby oil. She douses her breasts with the slick oil and looks ready for a hard tit fuck. She then slides her right hand between her breasts like it's a cock while continuing to cover herself in baby oil with her left. Oh, don't we wish it was our cock sliding between those treasures and not her hand.

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